miriam english (miriam_e) wrote,
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Noah and the flood

It's hard to understand why the Christians would promote and make a film about the biblical story of Noah and the flood. It seems to me it should be as much of an embarrassment to them as the creepy story of Job where god screws over his biggest fan as part of a childish bet. But the flood story is far, far worse as a moral lesson. This god is so bad at what he does that he becomes annoyed that the experiment he made isn't turning out the way he intended, so instead of repairing the situation by, oh I don't know, perhaps reasoning with the people he created and providing a good and moral example, he instead decides to murder everyone. Yes, all those babies and puppies and sheep and songbirds were just so evil they all had to be killed.

What the hell kind of story is that??? It's psychopathic. Their god is so impatient with his failure that he drowns everybody instead of actually addressing the problem. And of course this solution works so well, because the first thing god's model person, Noah, does afterward is to go off to a cave with his daughters for a drunken incestuous orgy. Also, let's not forget all the subsequent insane violence of the rest of the bible. This god, if he existed, would be an utter disaster area -- not only murderously short-tempered in the face of his own failure, but totally inept at repairing that failure. Why would anybody with even a scrap of morality want to worship such a god?

This is exactly the kind of hare-brained, half-thought-through story that makes it crystal clear there could not possibly be a biblical god. It is so obviously the product of fearful, superstitious, ignorant savages. Thank goodness it is fiction.

What amazes me is that everybody knows this story, but they focus solely on the ludicrous idea that two of every animal could possibly fit in an ark, and they completely miss the morality of a god that murders all the children and all the animals because it's easier than fixing his broken mess. It's not just a stupid story, it's malevolently evil.

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I think the original story has more of some animals than others, i.e. seven sheep or whatever because they were useful,, but don't quote me. I'll have a look. I know that if they took two rats aboard, they probably had another dozen they didn't know anything about in the hold, so probably a good 100 or so baby rats over 40 days :-) Who says I wasted my time in religious studies?

heheheh :) I hadn't thought of that. The ark would have to be built out of sturdy stuff to stop the elephants panicking when all the rats and mice swarmed around their feet. (Yes, elephants really are afraid of mice. It's not a myth.)

I get hilarious images in my mind from that Bugs Bunny episode where I think it was Elmer Fudd, trying to get rid of a mouse, successively introduces different animals to get rid of the preceding one. Eventually he gets an elephant which successfully scares away whatever it was that immediately preceded it, but then another mouse turns up. The elephant is terrified and picks up the nearest thing with its trunk (which is poor Elmer) to repeatedly try to swat the mouse. I can imagine the elephants doing this with Noah and other bystanders. Maybe that's why he went off to have drunken sex with his daughters -- to forget the pain of the experience. :)
Eh, this "God" ... his body of work just doesn't impress me much. Sure, maybe he did create the Universe, but what has he done since? He hasn't published a single thing in 2,000 years. The most well-known work he did publish was something written by a slew of others that he simply took credit for. Have you seen mountains and coastlines? He doesn't seem to do straight lines very well. And his followers are always begging for money like panhandlers, so apparently he's not great with managing money either.

I'm singularly unimpressed.

Not to take anything away from your point about a so-called supreme being with the morality of a psychopath, which is spot-on.

People are simply uncomfortable with the truth: the world was commissioned, built, paid for, and sponsored by mice.
heheheheh :D I can tell you've read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I like your point about god and his followers being so bad with money they have to beg for it. I'd never considered it that way before. You have to admit though, that they've developed begging to a high art. The Catholic church is now one of the richest organisations on the planet, and they've got that way almost entirely by having their hands in the pockets of the poorest people.

I remember when I was living in Sydney many years ago, there was a great scandal about the Catholic church, which was the biggest real estate owner in an inner city suburb decided to make some big development (office blocks, I think) so they evicted hundreds of little old ladies who'd lived in these houses all their lives. Churches and morality!
I can tell you've read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Of course. It's one of the world's great reference books. And I find the comforting "Don't panic" on the cover to be reassuring.

Appalling that the Church would throw so many people out of their homes, although that's not nearly as bloodthirsty as so much of its history.