miriam english (miriam_e) wrote,
miriam english

Voting for lunatics and crooks

Today I helped Mum and Dad make their postal vote in the QLD election. I was horrified that of the 6 candidates, 3 are anti-science morons and one is a right-wing liar who is probably also anti-science. And the way Labor have been acting lately I'm a little suspicious of the Labor candidate. This is what we get when absolutely no qualifications are needed to become a politician.

We really need entrance exams for any person entering politics. They should have a broad and deep understanding of the sciences, and excellent comprehension of technology and history. Also, people in positions of power and influence should have worse repercussions for lying and misleading the Australian people, and criminal behavior because of the immense damage they can wreak. Clive Palmer should be in prison for at least the next 20 years, most of the LNP should be stripped of their positions and government pensions and their ill-gotten fortunes, and many in Labor should too. The One Nation idiots and all the other anti-science parties and independents should be unceremoniously dumped from politics. Only those who recognise reality should be allowed to have any power at all. Delusional nutjobs should not even get to square one.

One thing I found deeply disturbing about the voting was that we have to vote for people we definitely DON'T want anywhere near power. We have to number every one of the 6 boxes. That means if my first 2 choices fail to get enough votes to be elected, I'm forced to vote for scumbags or idiots! [sigh] At least it's better than USA's nightmarish first-past-the-post system. (Crossposted from https://miriam-e.dreamwidth.org/335939.html at my Dreamwidth account. Number of comments there so far: comment count unavailable)

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