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miriam_e's Journal

miriam english
8 April 1953
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I draw pictures and some cartoons, write a bit, and build virtual worlds.
I pull apart things to find out why they work, and read anything put in front of me. My reading interests center around science, technology, science fiction, and romance, particularly lesbian romance.
Gadgets delight me.
I am a high school dropout and have no formal qualifications, but have built myself a number of computers, taught myself about a dozen computer languages, have some stories, articles, cartoons, and illustrations published, and from time to time give talks on VR (Virtual Reality). I was the vice president of the VRA (Virtual Reality Association), and until recently the webmaster for Spaced Out (SF club for gays, lesbians, and other queers).
I'm fascinated by VR fiction (sometimes called "machinima"), a new artform that tells stories inside virtual worlds... like walking around inside a film.
Since 2005 I've participated in NaNoWriMo.